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New Interview with Stana Katic


Ask A Non-Latino Celeb: ‘Castle’ Star Stana Katic on Tequilla Shots, Beautiful Latin Men & Who She’d Play in a Telenovela!

Our Non-Latino Celeb of the Week is the beautiful and talented Stana Katic, who is best known for her starring role as Detective Kate Beckett on ABC’s hit show, Castle (Mondays at 10/9c). The hilarious actress spoke exclusively to about all things Latino - including the character she’d love to play in a telenovela

Do people ever think you’re Latina?

I’m not sure, but some people definitely got confused when I had a Mariachi band come to set to celebrate my birthday with me last year.

What would you say if the Castle’ producers suddenly told you: ‘We’re going to do an entire episode of the show in Spanish.’

Bring it on! Do I get to Flamenco? Tango? Salsa? Merengue?

If Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) left Kate for a Latina, she would…

Have a shot of tequila, learn Spanish, and then challenge the girl to a Lambada dance-off, and win the man back!

What is the nationality of Det. Esposito, played by Jon Huertas?

Puerto Rican.

If you could have one Latino celeb guest star on your show, it would be?

Alejandro Inarritu. He directed Biutiful, and I genuinely admire his work and talent.

Who is the most handsome Latino man on the planet?

Latin men are beautiful. It’s hard to pick just one: Jon Kortajarena, Javier Bardem, and Gael Garcia Bernal.

Who¹s your favorite Latino celeb?

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, because I think they embody everything that a strong, fun, sexy, and fearless female can be.

Why do you love Latin culture?

I love the strong sense of family, as well as the joy of living, dancing, and laughing that Latin cultures have.

What¹s your favorite Latin dish?

Nothing beats a good ceviche, light and filling.

Who are your Latino friends in Hollywood?

Actually one of my dear friends and co-workers on set is a fun fiery Latina, who hails from Ecuador.

If you could star in a telenovela, tell us what your dream character would be like?

She would be the long lost daughter of a Drug Tycoon who is torn between being loyal to her newly found cartel father and the police officer who she has fallen deeply in love with.

I want that show. Now, pleaseandthankyou.



Longer version of Stana’s interview!

E.I.G.H.T DAYS handcuffed T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R.

*i know she didn’t mean whole eight days all day all night being handcuffed together, but still… LASKDFLSDFKJLSFDKJSLDFKJLFSKJSDFLJSDFLKJDSF

This is probably just me, but why is she all bundled up? I’m just imagining that she’s wearing a shirt with a bedazzled penis or something…

I can just imagine the E! producer freaking out…”YOU CAN’T WEAR THAT. THIS IS GOING TO BE ON AT 6:00! OMG. WHERE’S YOUR COAT. PUT IT ON. PUT IT ON NOW. DAMMIT. WHAT THE HELL.”



Hm. You obviously know how the fans react whenever a possible love interest enters the mix, and most recently the show experienced that when Kristin Lehmen was cast in a small part earlier this season. Now that Castle has expressed that he loves Beckett and she heard his confession, are outside love interests a thing of the past for them? Or do you see the potential for a third party to come into the mix and give one of them a run for their money?

AM: Well, if we were to do that, it would have to be significant, and it would not be something that we would do flippantly. But currently, we do not have those plans. And we’re currently planning the back half of the season, and that’s not something we’re looking at. We feel that there’s so much complication in the relationship right now and there’s so many things going on beneath the surface that that’s not necessary.

Now, can somebody come in and knock the balance off? Sure. But if we were going to look at that, it would have to be in a really intriguing way, in a way we haven’t done before on the show because we don’t want to go to the same well. We think the Gina well is dry, we think the Josh well is dry. It’s not just having another person mess with the equilibrium. What was interesting about episode 5 was how differently they handled the potential threat to the relationship than they would have in previous seasons. So you saw an element of jealousy, of grounded jealousy, from Beckett that you wouldn’t have seen earlier, when it was just, “That’s Castle being Castle.” She was really a little bit protective and it got under her skin, and I think that shows a maturity in the relationship. The things that he was responding to in her were the things he responded to in Beckett — a smart woman, an intelligent woman, a woman who can hold her ground. But really, at the end of the day, there was no contest.

I love everything about this. Can we all just take a moment to thank Andrew Marlowe for this?