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Why are people so mean to feminists? Because so much of feminism is the fine art of calling bullshit, and calling bullshit makes people uncomfortable.

It’s a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments, Amanda Marcotte (via petitefeministe)


amanda marcotte is a racist privilege denying douchebag who can’t deal with being called out on her bullshit.

the book quoted from, has a ton of racist imagery. when it was called out in the feminist blogosphere, seal press and marcotte got all privilege denying and defensive. marcotte claimed it was ironic, that people were overreacting, and a bunch of other bingo bullshit.

prior to this, amanda marcotte blatantly ripped off a woman of color (brownfemipower) without credit. the ensuing mess resulted in bfp shutting down her blog, amanda marcotte getting a ton of support from the white feminist online community, and loads of racism & privilege denying racist BS.

soo yeah, this woman is everything that’s wrong with feminism. take a look for yourselves at the kind of racist shit that spewed from feminists’ mouths during some of this controversy. every single feminist should be aware of this, especially if you’re white. every single one.

cuz when you quote her, or quote this book, yr furthering the marginalization of women of color within feminism, and showing how little we matter.

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